Long Trail Rewards

I started hiking the Long Trail around Cub Scouts age in the late 50's early 1960s. With the basics you learn in scouts it was a natural to apply what we leaned and to have at it. I think the things I learned have been with me all my life. The preparation for the hills carries over to other country travel, exploring the Rockies, traveling by boat (prepared for the unexpected or basics like food, h2o, first aid, foul weather, clothing) etc without over doing it. The rewards go on and on and it needs a healthy body to fully enjoy so It helps create a healthy lifestyle as a normal way of life, clean food etc.

In my case I elected to work with land as a Realtor for the last 32 years and when I have time off I usually run off to the Rockies or some other beautiful place. The awareness of wide vistas, fog, clean water, rain, simple adequite shelter, sunrise, sunset, clouds, bright sunshine, flowers, tree types, good nutritional food, good footware and clothing, health, exploreing whats on the other side and so on are just a few of what I have learned to enjoy thanks to the Long Trail. I too am a proud member of the Green Mountain Club. You do not need to use the trails to support them.



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Longtrail 100

VPR is marking the 100th anniversary of The Long Trail with a month-long series of reports and essays. Through this series, we'll explore the history and future of The Long Trail and introduce listeners to the people who built, maintain and hike it today.