The Long Trail At 100: What's This Blog All About?

The Long Trail turns 100 this year, and VPR is planning a month-long series to mark this milestone. We’ll explore the history and future of the Long Trail, learn about the ins and outs of hiking and camping, and meet the people who hike and maintain it today.

And that’s where you and this blog come in. If you're a hiker, let us know about it!  Why do you love the Long Trail?  What are your favorite hikes and sections? What was your best (or worst!) experience on the Long Trail?  We want your thoughts, photos, poems, stories, videos, and even favorite recipes for camp meals and trailside snacks.  Email us at  Your contributions will be shared on this blog, so if you'd rather we didn't share it here or if you prefer we post it without your name, please specify.




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Longtrail 100

VPR is marking the 100th anniversary of The Long Trail with a month-long series of reports and essays. Through this series, we'll explore the history and future of The Long Trail and introduce listeners to the people who built, maintain and hike it today.