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Mapping the Money: State

Where Irene relief funding came from and where it went

Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated and appropriated to help people, business and towns recover from Tropical Storm Irene.

In our prior installments of the Mapping the Money project, we've explored the federal and non government organization contributions to the relief effort. In this final installment, we show the state's financial contribution toward the relief effort for the most expensive storm in the Vermont's history.

Last Updated: August 27, 2013

$43,600,504 Already Disbursed by the State

The funds shown in the table represent the total dollar amount disbursed by the state of Vermont, as reported to VPR. The $43.6 million dollar figure does not include the $15,800,000 in loans from the Vermont Economic Development Authority.

The state has another $17,299,496 allocated for road repairs that has not yet been spent according to VTrans.

Description Amount
State Match of FEMA Public Assistance $13,700,000
Vermont State Hospital $12,000,000
Additional Repair/Cleanup* $9,400,000
Road Repairs $4,700,504
Housing and Mobile Homes $1,200,000
State Portion of Emergency Management Assistance $1,000,000
Education Fund Tax Abatement $500,000
Refundable Flood Credits $500,000
Case Management Contribution $300,000
Disaster Recovery Coordinators $300,000
Vermont Economic Development Authority (Loan) $15,800,000
Total Disbursed (no loans) $43,600,504

* These funds include $3,000,000 in insurance money collected by the state. The money went to the Roxbury Fish Hatchery, the repair of buildings outside of Waterbury, a petroleum clean-up, and the Chittenden County Transportation Authority.

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The People

The Reporter: Nancy Cohen
The Producer: Jonathan Butler
The Editor: Steve Zind
The Developer: Matt Parrilla

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The Notes

The data represented is accurate as of August 27, 2013 as reported to VPR. Values will change as more funding is approved.