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Mapping the Money: FEMA

Where Irene relief funding came from and where it went

Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated and appropriated to help people, business and towns recover from Tropical Storm Irene.

In this first installment of the Mapping the Money project, we take a look at FEMA, which has spent far more on relief and recovery than any other group; a total of more than $260 million so far.

Last Updated: June 13, 2013

$185,022,225 to Towns and Homeowners

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Sum across all towns

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Program Subtotal Total
Individuals and Households Program $23,253,141
Housing Assistance $21,669,004
Other Needs $1,584,136
Public Assistance $105,771,366
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program $13,178,000
National Flood Insurance $42,819,718
Total $185,022,225

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Individuals and Households Program

Individuals and Households Program (IHP) provides money and services to people in Presidentailly declared disaster areas. IHP is comprised of Housing Assistance (HA) and Other Needs (ON).

Housing Assistance

Provides assistance for disaster-related housing needs.

Other Needs

Provides assistance for other disaster-related needs, such as furnishings, transportation, and medical.

Public Assistance Program

Public Assitance (PA) is available for communities to quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies declared by the President.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) provides grants to states and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration. The purpose of the HMGP is to reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters and to enable mitigation measures to be implemented during the immediate recovery from a disaster.

$73,416,927 to State Government

The above graph represents the federal relief dollars that went straight to Vermont State Government organizations and relief efforts via the Public Assistance Program.

The supplemental dollars are not included in the above graph.

Public Assistance Recipients Total
Vermont State Hospital $30,000,000
Agency of Transportation $21,682,364
Department of Buildings & General Services $11,552,704
Department of Public Safety $1,146,857
Fish & Wildlife Department $817,604
Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation $756,641
Military Department $144,962
Department of Health $36,717
Department of Environmental Conservation $26,650
Division for Historic Preservation $14,269
Department of Mental Health $12,752
Agency of Agriculture, Food, & Markets $6,582
Department for Children and Families $6,485
Department of Corrections $5,990
Department of Human Resources $5,990
Agency of Human Services $5,990
Center for Crime Victim Services $4,294
Department of Information & Innovation $639
Department of Disabilities, Aging, & Independent Living $495
PA Total $66,227,985
FEMA Supplemental Recipients
Disaster Legal Services $2,865,359
Case Management $2,800,000
Crisis Counseling $1,124,990
Disaster Unemployment Assistance $398,593
Supplemental Total $7,188,942
Grand Total $73,416,927

$2,353,150 to Other Organizations

Public Assistance Recipient Total
Vermont Electric Co-op $1,110,173
Chittenden County Transportation Authority $529,243
Landmark College $197,036
The Housing Foundation, Inc. $125,054
American Precision Museum, Inc. $97,984
Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc. $59,469
Mt. Tabor-Danby Historical Society $50,672
Woodstock Associates, Inc. $34,853
Sherburne Fire Department $29,180
Vermont Acheivement Center $28,382
Mad River Solid Waste Alliance $25,983
Waste, Inc. $20,671
New England Kurn Hattin Homes $14,163
Windham Solid Waste Management District $13,684
Champion Fire Company $11,163
Orange County Sherrif Department $3,055
Windham County Probate Court $2,378
Total $2,353,150

$260,792,302 already allocated by FEMA in Vermont

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The Reporter: Nancy Cohen
The Producer: Jonathan Butler
The Editor: Steve Zind
The Developer: Matt Parrilla

Mapping the Money is funded in part by the VPR Journalism Fund

The Notes

The data represented is accurate as of June 13, 2013 as reported to VPR. Values will change as more funding is approved.

Data from villages was rolled up into the towns that the villages are located within.