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Which of the VPR frequencies is experiencing problems? (Check all that apply)

88.7 WRVT Rutland
88.9 WVBA Brattleboro
88.5 WVPA St. Johnsbury
89.5 WVPR Windsor
94.3 WBTN Bennington
107.9 WVPS Burlington
94.1 Montpelier*
99.5 Middlebury*
101.1 Rupert*
106.9 Manchester/Dorset*
don’t know

VPR Classical
88.1 WNCH Norwich
88.1 WNCH Norwich
90.9 WOXR Burlington/Plattsburgh
95.1 WJAN Sunderland/Manchester
102.1 WVXR Randolph
106.9 WVTI Island Pond/Brighton
92.5 Rutland*
93.3 Rupert*
93.5 Bennington*
94.3 Brattleboro*
94.5 Wake Robin, Shelburne*
94.7 Bolton*
95.3 Middlebury*
99.5 Newbury*
99.5 Montpelier*
102.3 Hanover*
103.9 Hanover*
106.9 Woodstock*
don’t know

(*Indicates a translator. Translators are low-power boosters, capable of improving reception in a small pocket.)

If using HD radio, which channel(s)? (Check all that apply)

What is the nature of the problem?
Interference from another station
Can't receive at all

Poor audio quality
(please use box at bottom to explain)

Where do you hear the problem?

What is the address where the problem occurs
(Street address, Town, State)

When did you notice this problem?
Is it Ongoing   Intermittent
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