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Photos: A Tour Of Burlington's Moran Plant, On The Cusp Of Change

Photos: A Tour Of Burlington's Moran Plant, On The Cusp Of Change

By Jane Lindholm

On the edge of Burlington's waterfront, away from the boathouse and the ECHO Lake Aquarium, next to the sailing center, is a three-tiered squat brick building known as the Moran Plant,

Rate Decrease Planned For GMP Customers

By John Dillon

Some good news Friday for customers of Green Mountain Power, the state's largest electric utility. The company has agreed to lower rates starting in October by .76 percent.

A Look Into The Lab: Mosquito Testing

A Look Into The Lab: Mosquito Testing

By Jane Lindholm

Every year in June, the Vermont Department of Health starts collecting mosquitoes at various locations around the state. The vials of mosquitoes then travel to Burlington where they're

Summer School: How To Catch Night Crawlers

Summer School: How To Catch Night Crawlers

By Steve Zind

Most of the night crawers sold at bait shops are imported from Canada. However, your backyard has a plentiful supply of them. All it takes is a flashlight and a little stealth to catch

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Sorting Out Solar

Sorting Out Solar

By Jane Lindholm and Sam Gale Rosen

Vermont's solar boom is here, and it's only getting bigger. The state's push for renewable energy means more solar projects, of many different scales, coming down the line. And there's a lot left to work out, on many fronts.

Legal And Ethical Questions Abound In Big Game Trophy Hunting

By Jane Lindholm and Patti Daniels

The killing of Cecil the lion by an American big game hunter in Zimbabwe has enraged many people on social media. It also raises questions about the legal protections and social norms around hunting and poaching wild animals.

Vermont Furniture And Woodworking

By Jane Lindholm and Sam Gale Rosen

In 1839, Bennington cabinet-maker Hastings Kendrick placed an advertisement in the Vermont Gazette. His tagline? "Rich and tasty furniture." The Shelburne Museum used that phrase as the title for their big new exhibit:

Telling Daisy Turner's Story

By Jane Lindholm and Erin Lucey

In her 104 years, the enigmatic storyteller and poet Daisy Turner became an important figure in Vermont folklife. Both her oration skills and attention to family history made her a compelling narrator of the African American

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Averyt: New Citizens

This July 4th, an early morning naturalization ceremony took place at Calvin Coolidge's birthplace in Plymouth. The setting was significant, since Coolidge

Homeyer: Heat

So here I am, on one of the warmest days of the year, stacking wood. But I started early, before the real heat of the day kicked in.And besides, I like

Greene: Hand-Selling

I came upon the term “hand-selling” on Elinor Lipman’s Facebook page, where she was extolling the virtues of booksellers who recommend books to customers.

Bittinger: ADA Anniversary

I was visiting my brother in Charlotte one hot summer day in the '80s, when he suggested heading over to Lake Champlain for a swim. But my brother had

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