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FairPoint Disputes Claims It Violated Refund Policy

By Steve Zind

FairPoint Communications is disputing claims that it may owe thousands of customers credit for repair delays last year because it potentially violated a Public Service Board rule.

Public Post: Windham Wood Heat, Green Up Day, Municipal Forest Law Centennial

By Amy Kolb Noyes and Alex Keefe

A Windham County initiative aims to convert 20 public buildings to wood heat. Vermont's 45th annual Green Up Day is Saturday, May 2. The law that allowed for the creation of town and

Regional Report: Fairlee Dam Owner Has Concerns About Replacement Project

Regional Report: Fairlee Dam Owner Has Concerns About Replacement Project

By Maggie Cassidy

A month before three towns are set to vote on an $850,000 project to replace the Lake Fairlee Dam, its private owner is voicing objections that could call the deal into jeopardy.

House Health Care Reform Bill Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self

House Health Care Reform Bill Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self

By Peter Hirschfeld

It’s battered and beaten, but the House’s health care reform bill is still alive. Many Democratic lawmakers, however, don’t think the legislation goes nearly far enough. And legislators

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Garden Daydreams For A Chilly Spring

Garden Daydreams For A Chilly Spring

By Jane Lindholm and Patti Daniels

Ok, it is pretty chilly still, but that won't stop the hard-core gardeners among us from getting ready for the growing season.

Live At Noon: Gov. Peter Shumlin

By Bob Kinzel and Patti Daniels

Governor Peter Shumlin has proposed a $190 million package of federal and state funds to address the Medicaid cost-shift, but the idea hasn't gained enough traction with lawmakers at the Statehouse so far this session. We

Divestment's Pros And Cons

By Jane Lindholm and Ric Cengeri

The theory is that if organizations like colleges, state governments and religious organizations changed the way they managed their investment portfolios, they could put pressure on companies that produce fossil fuels. Those

The Expanding Responsibilities Of The Vermont Crime Information Center

By Jane Lindholm and Sam Gale Rosen

The Vermont Crime Information Center has a wide range of responsibilities: maintaining the state's sex offender registry, overseeing marijuana dispensaries, running criminal record checks, and more. 

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Same-Sex Marriage, In The Justices' Words

Same-Sex Marriage, In The Justices' Words

The U.S. Supreme Court directly confronts the question of gay marriage this week with a whopping two and a half hours of oral argument, accompanied by plenty of prognostication afterwards about the expected

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