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Ancient Music

1400 BCE - 1000 AD

Ancient Music Notation

Pythagoras and the Connection Between Music and Math

The Beginning of Notation

Guido de Arezzo and the Solfege System

Middle Ages

1000 - 1400

Anonymity and Authorship in the Middle Ages

Hildegard von Bingen and her “Play of Virtues”

12th Century Troubadours, Trouveres and Bernart de Ventadorn

Ars Antiqua Versus Ars Nova


1400 - 1600

Guillame Du Fay, the Tenor Mass and the Blurring of Secular and Sacred Music

Ottaviano Petrucci and the Art of Music Publishing

Josquin Desprez, Johannes Ockeghem and the Development of Canon

The Influence of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation on Music

The Influence of the 16th Century Madrigal

Madalena Casulana, the First Female Composer to be Printed and Published


1600 - 1750

Claudio Monterverdi, Prima Prattica and Seconda Prattica

Doctrine of Affections and the Baroque

The Birth of Opera

Giovanni Gabrieli and the Origin of the Sonata

Arcangelo Corelli, Giuseppe Torelli and the Development of the Concerto

The Life and Works of Henry Purcell

Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti

French Composer Francois Couperin

The Arrival of Opera in France and Jean Baptiste Lully

Jean Philippe Rameau and the Beginning of Music Theory

Antonio Vivaldi

Georg Philipp Telemann

George Frideric Handel

The Life and Times of Johann Sebastian Bach

The Well-Tempered Clavier


1750 - 1775

The Bach Children

Rococo, Between Baroque and Classical

Gluck and Operatic Reform


1775 - 1815

Franz Joseph Haydn

The Birth of the Symphony

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Collapse of the Kapellmeister System

Muzio Clementi

Ludwig van Beethoven, Part One

Ludwig van Beethoven, Part Two

Ludwig van Beethoven, Part Three

Baron von Swieten


1815 - 1900

The Rise of Romanticism

Carl Maria von Weber

Gioachino Rossini

Franz Schubert

Hector Berlioz

Felix Mendelssohn

The Bach Revival

Frederic Chopin

The History of the Piano

Franz Liszt

Richard Wagner


The Tristan Chord

Robert Schumann

Clara Schumann

Johannes Brahms

The Shadow of Beethoven

Giuseppe Verdi

Viva Verdi! Music and Politics

Musical Nationalism

Mikhail Glinka the Russian Five

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Strauss Family

Antonin Dvorak

The New World Symphony

Blues, Ragtime and Jazz

Camille Saint-Saens

Edvard Grieg

Gustav Mahler

Amy Beach

Jean Sibelius

Richard Strauss

20th Century

1900 - Present

20th Century Music

Recording Music I - Scott, Bell and Edison

Claude Debussy


Maurice Ravel

Arnold Schoenberg

The Second Viennese School

Charles Ives

Bela Bartok

Igor Stravinsky

The Rite of Spring

The Great War

Sergei Prokofiev


Paul Hindemith

The Rise of Radio

Olivier Messiaen

World War II, Musical Propaganda

Dmitri Shostakovich

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Nadia and Lili Boulanger

American Musicals

George Gershwin

Aaron Copland

Recording Music II

John Cage - 4'33"

Popular Music vs Classical Music

Elliott Carter


Film Scores

Music is about Venue