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Doug Rushkoff Says Companies Should Stop Growing

"What's The Point" focuses on how data is changing our lives. In this episode, host Jody Avirgan talks to Doug Rushkoff, one of my favorite writers and internet-thinkers, about the influence of algorithms and metadata and the implications for society and the economy. Yes, it's much more interesting and relatable than my description makes it sound.

Selected by: Jonathan Butler, Director of Digital Services

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Erica Heilman invites herself into Vermonter's homes for surprising conversations that sound like Vermont. You'll hear what they know, what they feel, and what makes them more like you than you realized. VPR will be airing feature programs taken from the podcast on the second Thursday of the month at 7:50am and the following Friday at 6:20pm. You'll find the full Rumble Strip Vermont podcast series on iTunes.

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