House Approves Ban On Wild Boar

04/05/13 7:00AM By John Dillon

AP/John Flesher
This 2012, photo shows a Mangalitsa boar, left, and two Russian swine on a farm in Michigan. Known by various labels, feral hogs, razorbacks, Eurasian and Russian wild boar, they’re believed to be escaping from hunting preserves and becoming a menace in

If lawmakers have their way, wild boar will not find a home in the Vermont woods.

Wild boar and feral pigs are a nuisance species around the country. Vermont wildlife officials are concerned that the animals could escape from captive hunting facilities and take hold in the Green Mountains.

So the House approved a ban on wild boar on Thursday. Williston Democrat Jim McCullough explained the bill for the Fish, Wildlife and water Resources Committee.

"Wild hogs are an invasive species, reproduce rapidly and are known to cause significant damage," he said.

McCullough says the bill targets all varieties of wild boar and their genetic cousins.

"Prohibiting the issuance of a permit for the importation or possession of wild boar, wild hog, wild swine, feral pig, feral hog, feral swine, razorback, Eurasian wild boar, or Russian wild boar species, hybrids or genetic variants," he said.

The boar bill is part of a housekeeping bill that amends several Fish and Wildlife statutes. 



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