Across The U.S. On A Four-Person Tandem Bike

11/19/12 12:50PM By Jane Lindholm, Sage Van Wing
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Courtesy, The Newburys
This Fall, a book arrived in our newsroom picturing a family on the cover - riding a four-person tandem bike. Gilbert and Peggy Newbury live in Fairfield, and together with their two young sons, they rode across the country on the bike they call "the quad".

The Newburys rode the bike across the country for four months, from Massachusetts to Oregon, and the story is told by Gil Newbury in the book, "Pedal to the Sea." The trip was actually taken 10 years ago, but Newbury says it took a decade to fully appreciate what his family learned while pedaling together.

Their sons, Anders and Eric, were only 9 and 7 years old at the time, and neither Peggy nor Gil considered themselves endurance cyclists. But they did have a clear purpose in mind. They spoke with Vermont Edition about their adventure.


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