Lt. Gov. Scott Becomes Lone Republican

11/07/12 6:05AM By Lynne McCrea

AP/Andy Duback
Lt. Gov. Phil Scott along with his wife, Diana McTeague Scott, celebrate winning re-election at the Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Montpelier.

Lt. Governor Phil Scott is the sole Republican to win a statewide office in Vermont this year.

Scott easily defeated Cassandra Gekas, who ran as both a Democrat and a Progressive.

Scott has had a warm relationship with Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin. And he says he's appreciated serving in the governor's cabinet, despite their different parties.

"I think that it's very important that the lieutenant governor has a feel for what's going on in the administration. You're there to take over if anything should happen or if the governor's away. And it's really helpful in the role of Lt. Governor to have an  intimate knowledge of the players, so to speak."

Scott says that, up until Election Day, he hadn't spoken with Governor Shumlin about future plans. But he says he'd gladly accept the invitation to continue serving as a member of the cabinet.


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