Time Off Accusations In Race For Governor's Office

10/16/12 6:06AM

Vermont's two leading candidates for governor continue to squabble over how much time off they've taken.

Republican challenger Randy Brock criticized Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin for being out of state for a total of 119 days during the past 21 months. During that time, Shumlin handed over control to Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott.

A Democratic party official fired back Monday, saying Brock's calendar from his time as state auditor in 2005 and 2006 indicates he was on the job just 31 percent of the time.

Brock says there were times he worked at home, but that he was always available to his staff by phone or email.

As for Shumlin being out of state 119 days, his defenders say there have been more than 190 holiday and weekend days since he took office.


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