Vermont Hackathon is an event where friends and complete strangers join forces to create a digital app that benefits a community. Last year's winner John Pile explains what the competition is all about. " />

Event Aims To Build A "Killer App" For The State

10/11/12 12:44PM By Jane Lindholm, Ric Cengeri
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When you hear the word hackathon, what springs to mind?

Dodgy computer programmers breaking into government or corporate websites to wreak havoc?

Well, you are way off. At least when it comes to an event happening in Winooski next week. The Vermont Hackathon is fully endorsed by web-reliant companies and even the state of Vermont. And the hackers involved will be doing good, not evil.

Vermont Edition has tracked down the winner of last year's inaugural Hackathon to help explain the concept. John Pile is an Assistant Professor in Information and Technology Sciences at Champlain College.

Note: The 2nd annual Vermont Hackathon is Friday, October 19 in Winooski.


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