Vt. Colleges And Health Dept. Address Binge Drinking

10/09/12 5:04PM


AP/Toby Talbot
Participants listen during a symposium on college drinking on Tuesday in Northfield. Survey data shows a higher than average use of alcohol and binge drinking and more than double the national average of marijuana use among students at 13 Vermont colleges

The state of Vermont and its colleges and universities are trying to reduce Vermont's higher-than-average rate of binge drinking among students.

Representatives from colleges and universities and the state Health Department gathered today to discuss how they can work together to address the problem, which officials say can lead to injuries, car accidents, sexual assaults and other violence and impede student success.

A senior research scientist shared his findings in a project conducted in California. The effort set up so-called party patrols, DUI checkpoints and compliance checks for minors, and resulted in an estimated 6,000 fewer intoxicated student incidents in one semester.


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