Leahy, Shumlin Critique President's Debate Performance

10/05/12 4:04PM By John Dillon

Leading Vermont Democrats say they hope President Barack Obama improves his performance in the presidential debates.

While unwilling to directly criticize the president's debate strategy, Senator Patrick Leahy says Mr. Obama needs to show voters he's passionate about the issues.

"I know he has a passion for what needs to be done for this country," Leahy said. "When I've talked to him privately it's come across and I see it and feel it. And I think if we can see the same person that I see in private, then I think we're going to see a person who will easily be re-elected."

Governor Peter Shumlin had a quip and an invitation for the president.

"I thought that it was very clear who practiced in Vermont," Shumlin said, referring to Mitt Romney's debate practice in Reading, Vt. "And I am going to invite the president to practice for the next debate in the Green Mountain State."

The next presidential debate is scheduled for October 16th.


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