Vermont Yankee Sues State Over Tax Change

09/12/12 6:06AM

The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has filed a lawsuit against the state of Vermont over taxes on the plant passed by the Legislature this year.

Vermont Yankee already won a round in federal court over the state's efforts to close it. That case is on appeal.

Now, New Orleans-based plant owner Entergy is suing over a law increasing the plant's annual tax bill from about $5 million to a little less than $13 million.

Backers of the increase say it was designed to make up for revenues lost to the state under agreements that ended on the plant's originally scheduled shutdown date in March.

Governor Peter Shumlin calls Entergy's decision to challenge the tax "disappointing."

Entergy says the tax is unconstitutional.

The plant is in Vernon, near the borders of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and both those states receive power from it.


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