Gubernatorial Candidates Ramp Up For Debate

09/12/12 6:06AM

As they gear up for their first debate of the campaign, Governor Shumlin and Republican challenger Randy Brock are squabbling over health care.

Brock is taking issue with Shumlin's description of Brock's plan to curtail community rating. That's a law that requires health insurance companies to charge people the same premiums for the same coverage, regardless of age or gender.

Brock says Shumlin is exaggerating the degree to which he would dismantle community rating.

A Shumlin aide says Brock would allow insurance companies to charge three times as much for older customers than for younger, healthier ones.

The two candidates are slated to hash out this and other issues in a debate Wednesday night on VPR, beginning at 7:00 p.m.


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