Brock Meets With Romney During Vermont Visit

09/05/12 5:50PM By Bob Kinzel
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GOP gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock got some top of the ticket political advice on Wednesday. Brock met with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to discuss the issues of the Vermont campaign.

Brock says he received a call from the Romney campaign on Tuesday afternoon, inviting him to meet with Romney at a hardware store in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. 

Romney is staying at a home in West Windsor, Vermont preparing for his first debate with President Obama.  Brock says the meeting lasted around 15 minutes.

"We talked about Vermont, we talked about the economic issues that are common between the national campaign and my campaign in Vermont," said Brock. "The issues are jobs, the economy, unemployment, and taxes these are the things that are on the minds of people all over America."

Brock says his economic vision for Vermont and Romney's vision for the country are very similar.

"There's a great similarity in that we both want to create a larger economic pie in order to bring more jobs and prosperity to a wide audience of people. I think we're very much aligned on that score."

Brock says Romney also told him that he's thoroughly enjoying his brief visit to Vermont.

"It's enabling him to concentrate on the debate prep he has to do and maybe we've found a new industry niche for Vermont - debate prep for presidential candidates. Now we just want to get President Obama to come here and do the same thing."

Brock says he invited Romney to return to Vermont during the presidential campaign and he says Romney indicated that he'll seriously consider coming back to meet with Vermont voters.


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