Summer School: Creating A Puppet

08/22/12 12:50PM Katie Jickling Ric Cengeri
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Puppets at the Bread & Puppet Theater Museum in Glover, Vt.

Like Camel's Hump, cheddar cheese and covered bridges, the oversized paper mache heads of the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover are Vermont icons.

Through the years, the troupe has become known for its pageants and processions taking on issues such as the Vietnam War, social oppression and industrial wind farms. The puppets mounted on stilts have performed at festivals around the world.

Vermont Edition visited the Bread and Puppet Theater to learn about what goes into the creation of these puppets.

Note: The Bread and Puppets Sunday performances of The Complete Everything Everywhere Dance Circus, followed by the Pageant of the Possibilitarians continues through August 26.


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