Vt. Apple Growers Optimistic

08/13/12 6:06AM

AP/Toby Talbot
Ripening apples hang from a tree at Burtt's apple orchard in Cabot. Apple orchards in Northern New England dodged a bullet this spring when trees got an early start.

Apple orchards in parts of northern New England caught a break this spring when a frost hit, but many orchards' flower buds hadn't opened enough to get wiped out.

Growers in parts of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and northern New York have been monitoring their trees to see what the impact was from an early warm-up, followed by the frost in late April.

Terry Bradshaw is president of Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association. Bradshaw says that "by all textbooks we shouldn't have any apples in the state." However, that's not the case.

He said a warm spell followed by cold snaps had decimated crops in big apple states like Michigan.

But Bradshaw says growers in northern New England are, so far, pleasantly surprised.


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