Newscast: Friday, August 10, 2012, 5:50 p.m.

08/10/12 5:48PM By Ric Cengeri, Ross Sneyd
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Congressman Peter Welch says he's optimistic that Congress will pass a new 5-year Farm bill before the current law expires at the end of September; Vermont officials say JetBlue Airways still plans to drop a nonstop flight between Vermont and Florida despite please to maintain the service; Working on a farm can be dangerous. But there is a program that helps farmers who have been hurt on the job, or diagnosed with a disability that interferes with their work; The town of Rockingham is planning to mark the anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene by remembering the loss of a local icon - the old Bartonsville Covered Bridge; also on the anniversary of Irene, churches, schools and towns will hold a statewide bell ringing ceremony to show their unity.





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