Classical Music Group Tours Prisons In Vermont

08/09/12 4:50PM By Neal Charnoff
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VPR/Neal Charnoff
Will Kiendall is a cellist in the Me2 Orchestra, and Caroline Whiddon is executive director.

The ME2 Orchestra describes itself as a classical music ensemble for individuals with mental health issues, and the people who support them.

This week, three members of the orchestra are touring prisons in Vermont, with hour-long performances for inmates.

Joining them on the tour is ME'2s music director Ronald Braunstein. 

The idea is to bring music to this often-overlooked community, and provide Vermonters with a new window into our prisons.

VPR's Neal Charnoff talks about the program  with Caroline Whiddon, the Executive Director of the ME2 Orchestra, and Will Kiendal, a member of the cello quartet. 


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