Shumlin Expects Trooper Investigation To Wrap Up In Weeks

07/17/12 5:04PM By John Dillon

Governor Peter Shumlin says he expects that a probe of alleged overtime abuse by a former state police officer will wrap up in three weeks.

Shumlin says investigators will comb through six years of pay records for former state police Sergeant James Deeghan. Deeghan has resigned and was charged last week with falsifying his pay sheets to collect overtime he did not work.

The governor says he wants to find out if the overtime issues go beyond this case, or are more widespread in state government.

"So far it is our belief, based on what we've seen, that this is an isolated challenge," he says. "But we wouldn't be doing our job as governor, or as administration overseeing state government, if we didn't look at a much broader picture. And we will."

Shumlin says his administration has cut overtime throughout state government, in part by hiring more state employees.


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