People Are Still Waiting For FEMA Buyout Money After Irene

07/12/12 7:34AM By Nancy Eve Cohen
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All that's left of a house in Wardsboro owned by a second homeowner.
People who lost their homes to Tropical Storm Irene floodwaters are still waiting for FEMA money that will buy out their properties.

In mid-June, the state said the money was expected to come through for one-third of the communities by the beginning of July.

But the money isn't here yet.

Although the state predicted nine communities would receive the federal buy-out funds by the beginning of this month, FEMA's Richard Verville, who manages the hazard mitigation program in Vermont, says four of those towns should get the money in the next two weeks.

"It will be the town of Granville and the town of Grafton," Verville said. "I'm expecting  the town of Bethel and Bolton could be within that same two week period."

Verville says Rochester could be next in line. He says Middlesex and Chester still need to get their hazard mitigation plan approved. He says in other towns there is an historic preservation process.

"We are required by law to do a consultation with the state historical preservation officer on any structure over 50 years old," Verville said.

 Once FEMA approves the buy-outs, the state predicts it could be September or October  before homeowners receive the money for their damaged properties.


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