Dragonheart Vermont talks with Vermont Edition about taking a gold medal at the World Cup Crew Dragon Boat Championships in China. " />

Vt Dragonboat Team Takes Gold Medal In China

07/11/12 12:44PM By Jane Lindholm, Samantha Fields
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Courtesy Dragonheart Vermont
Dragonheart Vermont Sisters at the 2012 Dragonboat World Championships in Hong Kong.


Dragon Boat racing has become a familiar sight on the Burlington Waterfront in the past several years. The massive boats have 20 paddlers, guided by the cadence of drummer and a coach.

The sport is a refuge and a therapy for many breast cancer survivors, who have found physical and mental rejuvenation in rowing. Now a team from Dragonheart Vermont is making news at the World Cup Crew Dragon Boat Championships in China by taking a gold medal in the 200 meter race.

Linda Dyer is the executive director of Dragonheart Vermont and one of the team's coaches. She spoke with Vermont Edition about the team.


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