Cities And Towns Set Tax Rates

07/11/12 11:44AM

It's that time of year when Vermont cities and towns are setting their tax rates, and many have increased them slightly as they enter the 2013 fiscal year.

On Town Meeting Day in Williston, voters approved an $8.4 million budget. Last month, the Select Board set the town's tax rate at 23 cents.

In Killington, town officials have set the municipal tax rate at 28.5 cents.

In Middlebury, the tax rate has been set at 86 cents. That's up 2.6 cents from fiscal year 2012 due to a 1 cent tax levied for a new Middlebury business development fund and an additional tax for a fire facilities bond.

And in Bethel, the Select Board has approved the town's municipal tax rate at 72 cents to support the budget items approved by voters.

You can read select board minutes from Williston, Killington, Middlebury, Bethel and many more towns at VPR's Public Post.


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