SVMC Physicians Join Dartmouth-Hitchcock In New Collaboration

07/10/12 5:50PM By Neal Charnoff

Residents in Southwestern Vermont now have easier access to physicians from Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

That's because doctors from Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington are now employees of Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

SVMC representatives say the agreement paves the way for expanded access to physicians in Southwestern Vermont, as well as improved recruitment of new doctors.  

Thomas Dee is the president and CEO of Southwestern Vermont Health Care. 

Dee says this type of collaboration is essential in an era of health care reform.

"It allows this to happen under a venue of local control, so even though we're doing the relationship with Dartmouth-Hitchcock, locally our board and our physicians maintain the accountability and control which is very vital for health care and our health care delivery system," Dee says.

Dee is quick to point out that this is not a merger or takeover. He says the physicians will continue to work in their same positions within SVMC, but as Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees. All other nursing staff and personnel will also remain with the medical center. 


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