Burlington School District Names New Director Of Equity

07/10/12 5:50PM By Jane Lindholm

The Burlington High School coordinator of Students and Families has been named Director of Equity for the Burlington School District.  In his new combined role, Henri Sparks will be focused on making sure the district administration is responding to any incidents of harassment, discrimination, or other inequities.

The new position is part of a larger plan to address issues of race and bias that have cropped up in the district over the last few months.

"We are increasing our complaint processes, making sure we're communicating them clearly," says Burlington School District Superintendent Jeanne Collins. "We will have designated employees at each school who will be able to respond to complaints and investigate incidents.  We feel that it's extremely important that as things occur they get reported, what's reported is heard and acted upon, as a way of changing the climate within the schools."

Collins says she is developing an annual "equity and inclusion report card" that will help make sure the district is making progress after several community meetings this spring where residents claimed the district was not treating minority or immigrant students fairly.


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