Jericho Considers Consolidated Waste Collection System

07/05/12 2:03PM

In Jericho, town officials are deciding whether to move to a consolidated waste and recycling collection system.

Currently, one company collects trash and another gathers recycling.

A study released this year finds there could be cost savings and environmental benefits if those were combined. But Jericho's Select Board says a number of questions still need to be addressed.

So the town is evaluating whether consolidation can reduce costs, decrease truck traffic and increase proper disposal without driving up costs.

You can read select board minutes from Jericho and more than 85 other cities and towns at VPR's Public Post.

VIDEO: Jericho Select Board Meeting 6/7/12

Jericho Selectboard Meeting 6-7-12 from Mt. Mansfield Community TV on Vimeo.


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