Circus Smirkus founder Rob Mermin and Vermont journalist Rob Gurwitt talk about their new book , Circus Smirkus: Twenty-five Years of Running Home to the Circus. " />

Book Chronicles 25 Years Of Circus Smirkus

06/27/12 12:44PM By Jane Lindholm, Ric Cengeri
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Circus Smirkus is about to begin its 25th season touring around Vermont and the Northeast. The youth circus is based in Greensboro, and trains young people from around the country and the globe to perform in the circus. In addition to the touring show, Circus Smirkus also runs a summer camp for aspiring performers, where campers can try their hands at everything from juggling to tight rope walking.

To commemorate the circus' 25th anniversary, founder Rob Mermin partnered with Vermont journalist Rob Gurwitt to write a history of the group. Their book, Circus Smirkus: Twenty-five Years of Running Home to the Circus, gives an insider's look at the story of how Circus Smirkus began and how it runs today.

Mermin and Gurwitt recently spoke with Vermont Edition's Jane Lindholm about the book, the circus, and the anniversary.


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