Democrats Hit Brock On Fundraiser Invitees

06/21/12 6:06AM

Vermont's Democratic Party is zeroing in on scheduled speakers for two of Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock's fundraisers to paint Brock as guilty by association of being a hard-right conservative.

Brock is calling the tactic nasty, negative campaigning. He says appearances by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Maine Governor Paul LePage at his events in the coming weeks don't mean he agrees with them on every issue.

The Democratic Party issued a statement Tuesday criticizing LePage's stands on organized labor, health care and other issues.

McDonnell has drawn fire from Democrats for supporting a Virginia law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion.

Brock says he thinks Vermont might be able to learn from Maine on health care. But he says government should not be involved in abortion.


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