In Newfane, Irene Volunteers Plant Flowers To Revive Hope

06/20/12 5:50PM By Nancy Eve Cohen
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VPR/Nancy Eve Cohen
Residents in South Newfane have come together to replant ground that had been washed away by Irene along Dover Road.

When Carol Ross first moved next to the Rock River in South Newfane 22 years she says it was magical. But the flood engulfed her property along with the road above it. Irene nearly erased the landscape

"Before the flood, all along this area, which is a tenth of a mile, it was lush foliage and beautiful vegetation, said Ross. "And after the flood there was nothing."

Since then Dover Road has been rebuilt and the riverbank armored with big rocks and webbing. But the steep bank next to the Parish Hill Bridge, above Ross's driveway remained bare. So she organized her neighbors to replant.

"Day lilies are right there," Ross said pointing down the bank. "And then we have about 20 bayberry plants that we purchased very, very cheaply that we planted all along. And we have some lilacs and some forsythia. And then down over here some people put in some roses, down along over here."

A couple of residents installed wooden window boxes with flowering plants that rise above the metal guardrails along the road. Ross says having the plants come back is encouraging.

The Rock River Revival Project is now planning a parade for the last Sunday in August to celebrate how the community has come together since the flood.


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