Shumlin Is Disappointed In Cabot Dropping Vt. From Its Label

06/20/12 5:50PM By John Dillon

Governor Peter Shumlin says the Cabot Creamery is a Vermont company and should use the state's name on its label.

Cabot quietly dropped the Vermont reference from its logo after the attorney general's office raised concerns about Cabot butter that's made in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Shumlin waded into the controversy at his weekly news conference. "You know, I'm disappointed that we decided to fight this particular battle," he said. "I believe that when we have the Vermont label on Vermont Cabot that's a good thing for Vermont farmers and a good thing for Vermont's value-added food products. I just think it's a Vermont product and it ought to be on the label. And I've told the CEO of Cabot that, Shumlin said."

Cabot's new logo says the co-op is owned by dairy farmers in New York and New England. The governor says there's enough Vermont milk in the co-op's products for them to be labeled using the Vermont name.


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