Unlikely Battery Mates: The Spaceman And Miro

06/07/12 12:50PM Ric Cengeri
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VPR/Ric Cengeri
Catcher Miro Weinberger with pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee. "He wears the tools of ignorance very well," Lee says of his politically-charged battery mate on the Burlington Cardinals.

If you catch a Burlington Cardinals baseball game this season, you may find a very interesting pair of players forming the team's battery.

Pitching for the Vermont Senior League team is Bill "Spaceman" Lee, who pitched in the majors with the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos. And his catcher is Miro Weinberger, the recently elected mayor of Burlington. Before joining the Cardinals, Weinberger last played ball in high school.

Bill Lee talked with Vermont Edition about his now-well-known catcher during a recent game in Burlington against Killington. 


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