Rochester Family Still Waiting For Word From FEMA

05/31/12 7:50AM By Mitch Wertlieb, Melody Bodette
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VPR/Melody Bodette
Jon Graham and Beth Frock lost their Rochester house during Tropical Storm Irene. Months later, they're still paying the mortgage on the destroyed house while waiting to hear about FEMA's hazard mitigation program.

In the months since Tropical Storm Irene hit last August, we've been checking in periodically with Jon Graham and Beth Frock of Rochester. The couple and their two daughters' home was destroyed in the flooding. They lost nearly everything, and Jon, who was in the house when it collapsed, was lucky to get out alive.

Now while they wait to resolve lingering financial issues, they've moved to Jon's late mother's home in the center of town, where VPR's Mitch Wertlieb checked in with them on Wednesday.

The Graham-Frocks have applied to the FEMA hazard mitigation program, which they hope will result in FEMA buying out their property. That would allow them to finally pay off the mortgage on their non-existent, Irene-ruined home. And Beth Frock had a scare recently when an article in the local newspaper said 40 homes had already been approved. 

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