Entergy Asks Regulators To Alter Orders Limiting Operations

05/30/12 5:50PM By John Dillon

Entergy Vermont Yankee wants state regulators to change legal rulings that limited its operation to March of this year.

Entergy has approval from the federal government to operate until 2032. But it still needs permission from the Vermont Public Service Board for a new 20-year state license, called a certificate of public good.

The PSB has allowed Entergy to operate its nuclear plant while it reviews the case. But now Entergy wants the board to go back and alter earlier orders that restricted storage of spent fuel, and limited operation to this past March. Entergy said it made the request out of an "abundance of caution."

But Sandra Levine of the Conservation Law Foundation says Entergy is going back on earlier commitments. "These orders were based on agreements that Entergy made with the state of Vermont six years ago and a decade ago," Levine said. "Rather than follow those commitments Entergy is now attempting to change the rules of the game."

An Entergy spokesman said the company's legal filings speak for themselves. In documents filed with the board, Entergy said it could not have foreseen that the Legislature would pass a law allowing lawmakers to effectively reject the company's request for a new license extension. In January, a federal judge struck down parts of that law as unconstitutional.  


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