Regional Report: Two Rutland Officers Leave Force

05/04/12 7:50AM By Peter Biello, Melody Bodette
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In March of 2011, Rutland police officers pulled over a car on a drug investigation. They questioned three men, two white, one black.  Allegedly the white men were let go, while the black man was questioned further. A racial discrimination suit followed, and then police launched an investigation into how the police in general handle evidence.

The investigations are now complete. And two of the officers involved are no longer Rutland police officers.

Police officials are tight-lipped about what actually happened, raising questions about the transparency of the way the police do business in Rutland.

Brent Curtis of the Rutland Herald has been following the story and speaks with VPR's Peter Biello, for our Regional Report, a weekly conversation with editors and reporters about what's going on in their community.

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