Students Learn About Spring With Journey North

04/02/12 7:50AM By Mitch Wertlieb, Melody Bodette
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VPR/ Melody Bodette
Barb Aiken's class learns about spring using the Journey North Program.

It looks like spring has arrived in Vermont, earlier than usual. Some Vermont students have been tracking the season's early arrival with the help of a website known as Journey North. The program allows students and teachers to connect with schools across North America to watch the migration north each year by allowing for input of citizen scientists.

At Brewster Pierce School in Huntington, students are taking part in a Mystery Class, which allows them to find global locations based on clues like length of day.

Students get their clues on laptops and read them aloud with teacher Barb Aitken. She says Journey North is a fun way to implement curriculum:

(Aitken) My goal is that we're learning about the globe and the earth and the sun, and how they all inter-relate with each other. One of the things I had to teach about was the seasons and light, so that tied perfectly into that unit.

Journey North was founded  by Elizabeth Howard, and she now based the program out of Vermont.

Howard tells VPR's Mitch Wertlieb it's a citizen science movement that asks for input of easily recognizable signs of spring, robins, tulips monarch butterflies to learn about the natural world.

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