Senate Committee To Hold Hearing On Hydraulic Fracturing

03/27/12 7:50AM By Mitch Wertlieb, Melody Bodette
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A controversial natural gas-extraction process that's come to be known as "fracking" isn't being used in Vermont yet, but the question of whether it should be prohibited entirely will be discussed in Montpelier this week.

Advocates for fracking say it will lower prices for natural gas, which heats many homes in Vermont. And they say there are environmental benefits because natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than other home heating fuels.

But in other parts of the country where fracking is taking place, there is an environmental argument against the practice, with concerns being raised about fracking's potential effects on groundwater.

The Senate Natural Resources Committee will be hearing about hydraulic fracturing on Wednesday. Later that night, the Vermont Public Interest Research Group is hosting a forum on hydraulic-fracturing, at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Montpelier.

Senator Ginny Lyons will be on hand, and as Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, she'll be listening to testimony on both sides of the debate. Lyons tells VPR's Mitch Wertlieb her view of fracking to this point is one of skepticism.

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