Barre City Council To Discuss Town’s Water Rate

02/01/12 6:06AM VPR Staff

Barre's City Council is expected this month to discuss the city's water rate contract with the town of Barre. City officials say the meeting is an earnest attempt to control skyrocketing maintenance fees.

Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon says the city's current agreement with the town does not allow the two municipalities to revisit the contract's terms each year.

But, Lauzon says all water fees should be reviewed annually.

Lauzon says his primary concern is building a return on investment so that the city can keep upgrading its aging water systems. That's something many Vermont cities and towns have struggled to do as state and federal aid dries up.

Lauzon says the last time the city reviewed its contract with the town was back in 2009.


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