Shumlin Touts State's Success In Creating Jobs

01/23/12 4:04PM By Amy Kolb Noyes

(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin is touting the state's success in creating jobs as he visits with business groups.

Shumlin started his day Monday at a business mixer in Morrisville. He says the success is because the state has become more business friendly.

(Shumlin) "We are seeing some progress in our jobs front. We're making progress one job at a time. I'm really optimistic about our jobs future. And getting out and talking to the various chambers around the state is really important to make sure that we're getting obstacles out of their way."

(Host) Shumlin argues that one of the best ways to continuing to improve the state's business climate is to adopt a better universal health care system.

(Shumlin) "If we can be the first state to provide universal access, to treat health care as a right and not a privilege, and most importantly to get our health care spending under control, we will be the first to grow jobs."

(Host) But Shumlin says his administration will only move forward with universal health care if it makes fiscal sense.


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