Lusk's Poetry Explores Lake Champlain's History

01/21/12 8:35AM By Peter Biello
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The entrance to the family cabin of the schooner "Water Witch," which sank into Lake Champlain in 1866.

Lake Champlain’s beauty has inspired numerous painters and photographers to try and capture its essence. A new poetry collection combines an artful celebration of the lake’s beauty with a scientific appreciation for its history.

Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain by Daniel Lusk (published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum) dives beneath the water’s surface, looking at shipwrecks, such as the fire that destroyed the steamboat Phoenix in 1819, and the natural history of the lake, from the Chazy Reef to the so-called “drowned lands.”

Daniel Lusk speaks with VPR's Peter Biello about Lake Studies. To hear the interview, click the "listen" button above.


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