New Program Helps People Dealing With Irene's Emotional Toll

01/19/12 4:04PM By Neal Charnoff

(Host) A new program has been created to help people who are dealing with the emotional impact of Tropical Storm Irene.

Starting Over Strong, or SOS Vermont, offers free, short-term support for individuals or groups affected by flooding.

The program is funded by FEMA, and administered by Washington County Mental Health Services. 

Project Director Cathy Aikman says Irene has provoked a variety of emotional responses.   

(Aikman) "People are dealing with stress, so maybe some post-traumatic stress symptoms, people are dealing with loss, some people are dealing with emotional loss, because they've lost their homes, they're dealing with material loss, some people have been displaced."

(Host) Aikman says SOS Vermont offers both home-based outreach and group meetings and programs. 

For more information, people are urged to contact Washington County Mental Health at 1-855-767-8800.


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