Wilmington Holds Irene Recovery Meeting

01/17/12 5:50PM

(Host) Tonight, the town of Wilmington is holding a kick-off meeting to address its long-term recovery from Tropical Storm Irene.

Wilmington and Waterbury were the only two Vermont towns selected to take part in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's long-term Community Recovery Program.

Bill Colvin is the economic and community development consultant working with the town of Wilmington.

He says the goal of tonight's meeting is to include the public in the first step of the long-term recovery process.

(Colvin) "This evening's meeting will ask the community's participants to identify strategies, priorities, options, for rebuilding and improving our community coming out of the natural disaster. Basically over the next 60 to 90 days, out of this process beginning tonight, we'll identify a specific number of projects."

(Host) Colvin says those projects will address economic development natural resources and recreation and housing.

Ultimately, Colvin says the town will develop a detailed plan that lays out how best to implement projects.


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