Voices In The Week's News: January 13, 2012

01/13/12 12:50PM Ric Cengeri
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AP/Toby Talbot
Vermont's tax commissioner Mary Peterson.

Senator Bernie Sanders supported the Older Americans Act, the Republican Presidential field in Vermont was set, a Rutland senior home received a large tax bill, the tax department disclosed personal data on its website and Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross was optimistic that farmers will recover from Irene.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Sanders To Sponsor Older Americans Act (1/9)

(Senator Bernie Sanders) " Many seniors have lost their jobs, and you know what? In all likelihood, they're never gonna have another job again. What does that do to your sense of who you are as a person? Which is why the employment component of the Older Americans Act is so important. "

GOP Field Is Set For Vermont's March Primary (1/9) 

(Retired Middlebury College political science professor Eric Davis) " With many other much larger states such as Georgia, Tennessee and Massachusetts having primaries on the same day my guess is that Republican presidential candidates will focus their attention on the lager states that have much bigger delegations that Vermont."

Rutland Senior Living Facility Hit With $350,000 Tax Bill (1/11) 

(Laura Pelosi of  the Vermont Health Care Association) "As I looked at the statutory language, it seemed pretty obvious to me that the statute had not kept pace with the development of how our providers deliver services to seniors in their communities. We shouldn't set as a matter of policy - a law that requires us to tax people for eating meals in their own home. And that's essentially what's at stake here."

Tax Department Says Data Disclosure Has Been Contained (1/11) 

(Vermont tax commissioner Mary Peterson) "We know exactly how long the page was up. We know exactly how many people accessed it. We've spoken to those three parties and the information has been destroyed."

Department Of Agriculture Expects Farmers To Recover From Irene (1/11)

(Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross) "That's really good news that there was so much water volume that it just seemed to wash everything away and there weren't as many contaminants that ended up being deposited any place in fact I'm unaware of any particular location that has any significant levels of contamination whatsoever."

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