Leahy Drops Domain Name Terms Of Internet Piracy Bill

01/12/12 5:50PM By Patti Daniels

(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy is the sponsor of a controversial bill that aims to prevent Internet piracy - the problem of rogue websites distributing copyrighted data that they don't own.

Critics of the bill include technology entrepreneurs, services like YouTube and free-speech advocates who say the law would stifle legal online activity. Supporters say the bill goes after illegal websites and protects the intellectual property of content creators.

Speaking Thursday on VPR's Vermont Edition, Leahy stated he was willing to compromise on one aspect of the so-called Protect IP Act. He said he's going to drop a provision that would require service providers to block or redirect users from accessing illegal sites.

(Leahy) "I'm going to set aside these Domain Name provisions. That we'll hold back on, because I've listened to some of the concerns on those. I think there [are] easy answers to it, but let's set it aside, let's spend a year or so studying that part."

(Host) That provision is controversial because it would force Internet Service Providers to manipulate the structure that underpins Internet naming protocols.

The Protect IP Act still faces a contentious closure debate later this month in the US Senate.



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