GMP, CVPS Sue Entergy Over Yankee's Tower Failures

01/10/12 10:59AM By Ross Sneyd

AP/Nuclear Regulatory Commission
A photo released by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows the failed cooling tower at Vermont Yankee.

Vermont's two largest electric utilities have sued Entergy-Vermont Yankee over cooling tower failures at the nuclear power plant more than four years ago.

Central Vermont Public Service and Green Mountain Power say they lost part of the electrical supply they relied on when towers failed in 2007 and 2008.

The utilities claim that Entergy failed to follow sound maintenance and repair practices, which led to the tower failures.

In their lawsuit, CVPS and GMP want $6.6 million in compensation to pay for increased power costs during the time Yankee had to reduce power. They also want Entergy to pay interest and their legal fees.


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