Warehouse Filled With Irene Donations Will Close Its Doors

01/06/12 5:50PM By Nancy Eve Cohen
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(Host) Shortly after Irene hit, Southeastern Vermont Community Action began collecting donated items for flood victims.

But as VPR's Nancy Cohen reports, the agency is getting ready to close the warehouse that stores them.

(Cohen) SEVCA, as the agency is known, compiled donations of clothing, furniture, appliances and linens to distribute to residents whose belongings were lost or ruined in the flood.

Chroma Technology in Rockingham donated the use of a warehouse to store the donations.

Steve Geller, executive director of SEVCA, says the space will no longer be available after mid-March.

(Geller) "We, at this point have a fairly, full warehouse full of stuff and we need to start winding down."

(Cohen) Geller says SEVCA is putting the word out that there are still a lot of donated items available for flood victims.

For VPR News, I'm Nancy Cohen


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