Vt. Yankee: Radioactive Tritium That Reached Connecticut River Poses No Public Threat

12/21/11 5:04PM By John Dillon

(Host) Vermont Yankee has confirmed that radioactive tritium has reached the Connecticut River from its site in Vernon.

The material was first discovered leaking into groundwater two years ago. Yankee spokesman Larry Smith says the levels are well below those set for drinking water.

(Smith) "The sampling result is not unexpected given the location of the sampling point right on the shoreline of the river. And it's consistent with the directional flow of groundwater that's under the plant site. And the tritium finding poses no risk to public health or safety."

(Host) In August, the state Health Department found tritium in the river. But today's announcement is the first confirmation by Yankee that the material has flowed to the river.


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