Vermont Law Compiles Environmental Watch List

12/20/11 5:04PM By Ric Cengeri

(Host) Vermont Law School has compiled its Top 10 Environmental Watch List, for the second year in a row. The list looks at significant decisions by courts, Congress and governmental agencies that will have a bearing on important environmental issues.

The new list includes the disputed Keystone XL Pipeline, the Fukushima fallout and the EPA-White House clash over ozone standards.

Pat Parenteau is a Professor at VLS who was involved in compiling this year's Watch List.

(Parenteau) "We don't claim to know everything there is to know about these issues. We welcome contrary points of view. But, certainly, we're trying to stimulate that kind of discussion. It's a more substantive discussion, frankly, than the ones that are occurring in Congress right now."

(Host) Parenteau suggests that the conversations generated by the Watch List can provide information on who to support in upcoming elections, and raise awareness about what's happening environmentally in state legislatures or local town council meetings.


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